Gothic Lodge No.608

12 Ridout St.

Lindsay, ON


large product photo Secretary: V.W. Bro. Ron McMillan

  Lodge information.

Meeting Time: Third Monday of the month at 7:30PM (except June, July, and August)

About the Lodge: Gothic lodge was first established in Lindsay when the lodge of Faithful Brethren had grown to an unmanageable size, following an influx of members after the First World War. in 1919, the membership of the Lodge of Faithful Brethren was approximently 300, and a motion was passed "that Faithful Brethren Lodge, No. 77, reccomend to the Grand Lodge that a new lodge be formed in Lindsay".

It was not until March of 1922, that a petition, containing 47 signatures, was forwarded, first, to the DDGM of Victoria District, R.W. Bro. Albert E. Bottum, and then on to Grand Lodge. The driving force behind that petition was R.W. Bro. James B. Begg, who would become our first worshipful master. The name of "Gothic" lodge was agreed to at a meeting of the "petitioners" on March 27th, 1922 and subsequently approved by the Grand Master.

The first meeting of Gothic Lodge was held on May 22nd, 1922, where it was instituted by R.W. Bro. Bottum with the presentation of the dispensation from Grand Lodge. At the first regular meeting of the lodge, on June 19th, 1922, four new brothers were initiated, with a furthur five initiated at an emergent meeting on June 26th, 1922.

Lodge membership made a steady increase over the years, with a peak of 173 members in 1962. The membership then declined until the late 1990's where the membership has levelled off at slightly over 100 members.

The lodge has met in two locations. Initially, it met on the 3rd floor of the Post Building, until the present builing was constructed in 1965. W. Bro. F. James Doughty, a draftsman, employed by Union Carbide Co., Lindsay, and a Past Master of Gothic Lodge No. 608 (1964), prepared the plas for a Masonic Temple, free of charge.




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